Safety is the most important ingredient of quality service. It is not a separate function or idea, but an integral part of our daily business.

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Core Values

  • Competence
  • Leadership
  • Employee Communication
  • Employee Involvement in Safety
  • Ownership of Safety
  • Emergency Planning & Response

PBI YTD 2022 - Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)


Our #1 core value is and always will be safety! PBI International focuses on TRIR because it is a true and complete measure of a contractor’s commitment to saftey. It’s that commitment to safety our customers expect, and that’s why it’s a differentiator for us. Our goal is to achieve zero incidents, zero accidents period (ZIGZAG)

Our TRIR for years 2018 – YTD 2022 is zero. Our DAWR (days away work related) for years 2018 – YTD 2022 is zero. PBI has been in business since 1987 but the company was purchased in 2019 by Bryson Hancock who has grown it 10-fold with the addition of added service lines to meet our customer’s needs. We will continue to grow and stay committed to our safety culture (ZIGZAG), because our employees are our most valuable assets and protecting them is our priority.

What is ZIGZAG?

ZIGZAG stands for Zero Incident Goal Zero Accident Goal. Some of the key elements of ZIGZAG are:

  • Management commitment and employee involvement (5 E’s of Safety)
  • Work site analysis, site specific safety plans, daily safety meetings, emergency plan and standard operating procedures for every task.
  • Hazard Prevention and Control – every possible hazard is taken into consideration and discussed with ideas for mechanical or behavioral control to prevent any incident from EVER taking place.
  • Extensive training for all employees, including managers and supervisors.
  • Employee health monitoring for known hazards at the work-site and engineered measures to prevent and/or limit exposure.
  • Strict adherence to engineered controls to prevent incidents and limit exposure; including but not limited to: wearing proper PPE, rotation of confined space personnel, following a safe work plan and executing the emergency plan if an accident or incident occurs.