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PBI International, LLC is a trusted provider of safe, efficient, and cost-efficient hydro-blasting and hydro-cutting services.

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Hydro-blasting by simplest terms is the intensification of water pressure using specialized pumps.  This is done to remove unwanted deposits, oxidation, surface debris, grime and residual products that foul equipment and reduce efficiency and production.

We offer from 10K to 40K high-pressure cleaning for internal and external surfaces.  All our crews are highly trained and experienced, and our equipment is engineered for the safest process possible.

We offer manual and automated cleaning methods for:

  • Tubes
  • Pipes
  • Vessels
  • Tanks
  • Ground-Level Surfaces
  • Elevated Surfaces

Hydro-cutting is a safe and effective method for cutting through hard surfaces using a mixture of ultra high-pressure water and abrasive material. It is the preferred method of cutting in flammable or explosive atmospheres.

Applications include:

  • Door Sheets or Windows
  • Concrete
  • Tank Floors
  • Columns