Robotic Cleaning Services

PBI International, LLC uses state-of-the-art robotic systems to provide less risk when performing cleaning services.

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We have developed solutions using robotics designed to mitigate the risks involved with crews cleaning hazardous chemicals in confined spaces:

  • Track driven ROV with auger for bulk removal
  • Track driven ROV with cannon
  • Bulk removal of heavy sludge without manned entry
  • Online cleaning of cooling tower basis and wastewater tanks
  • Increase in productivity by cleaning on-line without taking equipment off-line
  • Reduction of risks and liability by keeping crews out of hazardous confined spaces
Concern Man Machine


Machines can run continuously without the worry of incidents resulting from fatigue.

Faster Results

Faster results equal less downtime on valuable assets.

Reduced Crew Size

Reduced crew size without entry, no need to have double the manpower to keep up with productivity.

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk since the robot's activity is controlled from outside of the tank.

If entry is still necessary, for final clean or inspection of cleanliness, the risks are greatly reduced since the hazards have been mitigated prior to entry.

Our robotic cleaning services can be combined with other PBI International, LLC services to offer a full turnkey solution.