Vacuum Trucks & Air Machine

No matter your need, we have the equipment and expertise to perform the project.

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PBI International, LLC has the newest, the most advanced, and reliable fleet of vacuum trucks and air movers in the industry.  Our fleet is MSS compliant with three stage vapor control systems and DOT certified for in-plant use or over the road transport.

Our vacuum equipment operators are CDL licensed, TWIC certified, 40-hr HAZWOPER trained and undergo any site-specific training before arriving on-site to complete a project.  Our crews are experienced with the removal of liquids, sludges and solids from tanks, vessels, ditches, drains, ponds, sumps, basins, towers, and columns.  They are highly experienced in their craft and maintain safety as a priority.  Our goal is to complete your project safely, efficiently, and quickly. 

We have a full fleet to meet your needs, no matter the task at hand.  Our fleet includes:

  • 70-bbl DOT liquid vacuum
  • 130-bbl DOT liquid vacuum
  • 7,000 gallon DOT tanker
  • Roll-Off Trucks (Single and Double Rail)
  • Stainless Steel Units
  • Air Machines
  • Liquid Rings
  • Jet Rodder Units with Hose Reels
  • Combination Units
  • Detachable Cyclones
  • Hydro Excavators
  • Scrubbers

Jet rodder units consist of using high pressure water to unplug drains and piping, while vacuuming the water and materials being removed.  Our units have additional hose reels for taking on large projects.

Our vacuum truck and air machine services can be combined with other PBI International, LLC services to offer a full turnkey solution.