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Vapor Control

We provide complete emission control with the newest fleet of equipment available in the industry.

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We can completely support planned and emergency applications, including unit turnarounds, tank maintenance outages, pipeline purging, remediation, and unplanned maintenance projects.

Our fleet includes proven technologies for handling all your emission control and degassing needs:

  • Portable Thermal Oxidizers/Combustors
  • Carbon Vessels
  • Multi-Stage Scrubbing Units
  • Recirculating Scrubbing Units
  • Packed Column Scrubbing Units
  • Custom Design Units
Applications Include:

AST Degassing


Frac Tank Vapor Control

Pressurized Vessel Degassing

Tank Refill

Mix Tank Vapor Control

Pressurized Sphere Degassing

Pipeline Purging

Flareless Turnarounds

Unit Clearing

H2S Vapor Control

Odor Control

Our fleet of mobile thermal oxidizers and combustors achieve the highest vapor destruction (99.9 DRE) efficiency while maintaining a high-volume output of up to 10,000 cfm.  Our fleet is designed with safety features including nitrogen purge, pressure relief valves, and in-line flame arrestors, while meeting and exceeding the design qualifications for BACT. All are EPA and state permitted for operation in Texas and Louisiana.

Our vapor scrubbing solutions are designed to remove and neutralize HAPs, VOCs and odor causing pollutants safely and efficiently. Our mobile scrubbers are engineered to satisfy EPA air quality standards and MSS (Maintenance Start-up and Shutdown), as well as local city and state regulations.